Entrepreneurship at JCC

Work NOW & Entrepreneurship/Small Business Certificates at JCC

by Andrea C. Pedrick

Brenda B. Radley, a WorkPlace counselor, and a Work NOW essentials instructor, says the certificates focus will better prepare an individual for the workplace. I think it prepares them to be a better employee, said Radley. Employers may want to seriously think about sending people to these workshops because they will see the value in it down the road.

With the completion of the essentials workshop, the participant then chooses any four additional workshops from categories such as technology, interpersonal, or professional skills.
For the employer this means an opportunity to send employees to training that is specifically designed with their goals in mind and without the need to travel very far for it! For employees, completion of the certificate is a way to show they are familiar with a specific area of technology, like QuickBooks, or versed in conflict management. They will get a certificate of completion to represent these specific skills to use when applying for a promotion or during an interview.

We have seen interest from recent college grads to job-seekers to companies interested in developing their own workforce, said Jill M. Bettinger, dean for continuing education at JCC. This certificate allows individuals to create a customized plan to give themselves that advantage and polish so they are able to stand out from the rest. Many individuals pursuing the Work NOW certificate will even qualify for tuition payment through the WorkPlace or their employers own professional development program.

The Entrepreneurship/Small Business (E/SB) certificate is designed for entrepreneurs. It is offered to the public through a partnership with JCCs Small Business Development Center (SBDC). The E/SB certificate requires completion of two core workshop offerings and three additional workshops. The choices are specific to the needs of the entrepreneur and focus on such topics as legal issues, finances, marketing and accounting issues.
Participants who complete this certificate are able to draw on the resources of the Entrepreneurship Center (E-Center)at JCC; apply for funding through a micro business loan; gain retail exposure and marketing exposure through the Internet and/ or television; and much more!

This certificate is a wonderful leg up for the risk-taking entrepreneur, said Bettinger. The two non-credit certificates can take as little as one semester to complete and are an investment in the workforce and the individual. Both certificates have seminars that are extremely affordable, and are distilled into short,practical sessions that can be applied to a work situation that very day. The question is, who wouldnt benefit from a time management, Excel, or workplace communication course?