Save Money Shipping from USA to UK

There are many reasons that someone might want to try shipping from the USA to the UK. Often, high-value items such as electronics are cheaper in the USA than they are in the UK thanks to the exchange rate between the dollar and the pound. There is import tax to be paid on goods when they are brought into the UK, but even with that import tax some items are still cheaper if bought abroad.

The challenge is finding an affordable shipping company. One good option is to get packages sent to a shipping address in the USA, and then to consolidate those packages so that you are only paying for one large package via your freight carrier. This is usually a better deal than paying for several large packages.

Depending on what it is you want to send, and how quickly you need it, you have the option of air or sea shipping. Air is, of course, faster but more expensive than sea. The weight and bulk of the package also matter. For light and small packages, most couriers will have an affordable option, but as you get into much heavier packages it starts to be worth using specialist freight companies.

Tell the Truth on the Customs Declarationn

It is important that what you record on the customs declaration is truthful. It can be tempting to lie or omit information, but this will backfire on you. When packages go through customs some are randomly inspected in order to confirm that what is on the declaration is true. If the customs officer determines that you have lied, or believes that the items you are sending are worth more than you have written on the declaration then they have the right to hold the package until you pay the customs fee that they determine. The value they assign to an item could be more than you expect. Being truthful about the contents of the package and what was paid for them will help you to avoid unnecessary fees.

Some courier services will pay the fee for you and then bill you when they deliver the item. If you opt for this then it could save a lot of time and help you to get the package delivered to your home or business address more promptly than waiting for customs to contact you to inform you that there is a fee to pay.

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