Small Businesses in Relation to Chamber Members

Explaining some of the benefits offered to Chamber members, Aikins said, We are the largest business organization in the North country, we offer lots of networking opportunities, we have provided insurance for years to small businesses. In fact, we have expanded on that and we now have a licensed broker on staff.

The Chamber offers professional educational opportunities in conjunction with the Jefferson Leadership Institute and they are having a series of quarterly workshops that bring in speakers to talk about pertinent issues facing the North Country. Aikins ran her own business for years. In 1992 she moved to the North Country to be near family, then decided to change careers. She took a position working in tourism and fell in love with it. She had an opportunity to join the chamber and grabbed it. Aikins will mark her fifth year with the chamber in May.


Darling took his turn, explaining that Time Warner Cable has several sectors in its operations. He works in the advertising end and is responsible for media sales from Watertown to Rouses Point and Lake Placid. His region, the Central New York Division, serves 650,000 households. Darling said he got into the business 27 years ago when it was all about selling short 30-second commercials.
Today Time Warner is a technology company. Darling explained, As technology has changed, we have changed. We are internet-driven and we have interactive television. We have banners running on the bottom of commercials and you can actually download a video of a Ford F-150. Darling started 27 years ago at Channel 7 WWNY-TV as an account executive and rose through the organization to become its director of sales. He left Channel 7 to rebuild Channel 50, WWTI. There he was a partner and vice president/general manager. He joined Time Warner in 2001 as regional sales manager for the North Region.

Darling is a Watertown native, and after living in other areas of the country, returned here in the mid-70s. Next, Randozza shared his story, saying he began thinking about growing grapes several years ago. Trips to Sicily instilled the idea. He had purchased a farm in Clayton and decided that they should plant new cold-hardy plants, called Frontenac grapes, which led to the winery business. He said, The winery industry in Jefferson County really gave me something to sink my teeth into.
Interested in community development, Randazzo began thinking the winery business might be something that could extend the regions tourism season especially with the advent of new types of grapes that could stand northern winters. The new varieties Randazzo said, make absolutely Coyote Moon, Randazzos winery, is the fourth winery to open in the North Country. Two others will probably open next year with more in the planning stages. The region has now developed a Wine Trail and people are coming to the area to sample and purchase the wines from as far away as Pennsylvania.

Bad Blogging Advice You Should Never Try to Follow

The Internet is full of sites and blogs with… blogging advice. There are countless resources for those wishing to make a start in this field and promote themselves or a business they have. The downside is that not all these resources are really useful or effective. If they were, then every single blogger reading them would instantly become successful and draw traffic like never before. Here is the bad advice present ever so often on the web which you should never fall for.

One Post (or More!) a Day
This popular tip can quickly ruin your blog and this is how. Not all blog types are suitable for daily posting. In some cases, you will simply run out of topics really quickly. It will lead to a terrible blog burn-out. In addition, it will lower the quality of your writing. By making time to post every day, you won’t have as much time or patience left to proofread, to correct the weak parts and so on. Bad writing turns visitors away. You’ll be thinking that you’re doing something beneficial, but you will only be sabotaging yourself in the end. Turn the “blog every day” advice into “blog regularly”. Don’t force yourself to mark each day on the calendar.

Being Controversial
There is one trending thought nowadays – that you have to shock people and to never fear to be original. Unfortunately, here is some blogger’s way of being original and striking in their posts: they expose views that oppose almost everyone’s, they are offending, rude and ultimately unpopular. Eventually it makes no sense to shock people through a radical view on things or through an offensive stance. While it could get you some great traffic at first (people do react to such posts), numbers won’t stay up for long. No one draws anything pleasant or helpful when reading controversial opinions that barely have anything to do with the reality. If you want to find popularity through controversy, make sure you can defend your views and reply with sound arguments to any opposing question. Otherwise, when readers comment and contradict you, you will just make a fool of yourself, like many ‘controversial’ bloggers have.

Limiting Posts to a Certain Length
Many will claim they have the perfect recipe when it comes to blog posts and that these have to be of a fixed length: 300, 500 words and so on. In fact, different topics and blog styles call for different types of posts. Even within the same blog, one may have posts that vary in length. Do not fall for such ‘absolutes’.

“Have your Say”
Too many blogging ‘gurus’ insist on publishing your opinion on everything. To tell the truth, people are not that interested in what is your attitude towards something. Nor do they care that much about your personal life, your inner values, feelings and such. They are looking for some sort of gratification. What can you offer them? Each post has to offer something to readers: a piece of information, a new perspective, a solution to a problem. When you make posts all about yourself and your blog gets to look like a diary, you are doing it wrong.

Opt for Real Training
If you are a total newbie and cannot afford making a wrong step and wasting time, you can certainly resort to How to Blog training. Expert bloggers are now offering their advice on their blogs, teaching others how to succeed. Blog Beast Network, for example, is rich in professional advice coming from the expert behind it, Troy Shanks. When you get professional training you can be sure you are receiving valid tips and not just the standard guess work you usually find in random “hoe to blog” articles.